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March 16, 2012     The Brooke County Review
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March 16, 2012

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BROOKE COUNTY REVIEW Friday, March 16, 2012 PAGE 3 Seems to me.... " "M fi-lend said maybe I'll call you fur breakfast ifl can drag my butt out of bed. He was talking about Saturday morning and 1 was thinking that as with every other day of my life. I expect to be up and dressed by, 7 am. I just don't sleep late. I know a whole lot of people who like to sleep late. Anyone who has a regular job and has to be at work knows how truly luxurious it carl be to just be lazy 'til 9 or I 0...or even later tbr some. But I never have been one to sleep late. Morn bombarded me from early childhood - get up early, drink a big glass of water first thing, and never, ever "lop around' in my PJ's. Now, l'm not equating late-sleeping tblks with being la . When it comes to sleeping, i can sleep anytime from the moment my head hits the pillow. I explain it bb saying it's a clear conscience, but its more like l just am able to turn offthe world, clamp down on worries and other distractions, and go fast asleep. In the service I often stood night watch leaning against a bulkhead. I knew I could doze that way but be wide awake instantly if need be. And if I went full asleep, I'd fall down. That'd wake me up. rye often mentioned spending summers on Uncle Dewey's farm; some of my most pleasant memories. Everyone knows fann people get up early to do the milking, feed the animals and do other chores before breakfast. Usually a really big break- fast. But when Uncle Dewey and cousins Clyde Elliot-t, Royce Neal. Bill and the others started their day, I was already in the barn on file back of Lady, the old gray' mare. How well 1 recall slipping out of bed ill the dark early morning hours, running baretbot down to the gate yard the 3() or 40 yards to the barn and slipping in. A light was always on and I went to Lady's stall, climbed out on the barrier between the stalls, and climbing onto her back. 1 was told they too sleep standing but I never figured how such a big animal could do that without leaning on a bulkhead. Winston Churchill was reported to have said " there's somethng about the outside of a horse that's good for the inside of a man." I think that's doubly true for a 75-pound kid on the back of al500- pound, very gentle, animal. Even today, I can slide into a deep, restful sleep with memories of those fine days. I can all but smell the many odors of the stable: hear the breath- ing and occasional toot stamping of the horses. I remember how in his later years we all giggled at Dad as he sat dozing in his chair. Now, I find myself doing justhat. I may' get up early, but dozing during the "prime time lineup on TV" is not hard to do. Like I said - I don't equate that with laziness. It's just a clear conscience. And maybe plain boredom with the crap on the tube. Comments, ideas and statement made by opinion columnists do not necessarily reflect the policies and positions of the Brooke County Review Those of opposing views are invited to send them as a letter to the editor We reserve the right to edit. accept or reject any and all letters. Veteran Shanks War Bond Poetry Written in 1944 to Aid Allies The following was sent by Bill Schaefer of the RSVP "Veterans for Veter- ans" program, Members of the group visit veterans in five area nursing homes each week. Members distribute caps reflecting the branch of service that they were in, flag trophies, fiamed patriotic poems, flag pins, etc. There are now about 18 of nvovled in the Veterans for Veterans program and new members are still welcome to help. The poem, was written by Pat, I I.. Burdine who is a veteran of WWII and a patient at Brightwood. It was written by Paul prior to his going into the infantry and he recites it from memory at various functions held at Brightwood War Bond Drive by Paul I. Burdine who recites the poem from memory. Lets back the boys behind the guns Lets give then) all we've got. Lets Help this War Bond l)rivc thals on Lets make it reach the lop. Remember you may have a son who may be over there Sacrivicing his own life. thai li'ecdom wc might share So help this War Bond Drive Ihru on Go buy that Bond today, You will help to save some mothers son and bring him home to stay This poem was written in 1944 tohclp raise money to buy guns and thanks to ruin World War I!. Some times I wondesr, just how many lives were saved. During this War Bond Drive to help win this war 35386X 12 PF(" Paul 1.. Burdine 417th Infantr3 l)i..ision. Camp Mary,, TX "'God Bless out" troops and (iod Bless America.'" March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month CHARLESTON. W.Va. (March 13. 2012) -- This month marks the 13th annual National Coloreclal Cancer Awareness Month, and the West Vir- ginia Medical Institute is helping to spread the word that the second lead- ing cause of canoe, death for both men and xomen in West Virginia is highly preventable. The American Cancer Society, esti- mates thai in 2011 approximatr.y I41.210 people were diagnosed ith colorectal cancer and close to 50.000 people died of the disease in the US. The majority of these cancers and deaths could be prevented by apply- ing existing knowledge about cancer prevention and by increasing the use of established screening tests. More than 90 percent ofcolorectal cancer cases are diagnosed in people age 50 and older. Additional risk t'ac- tors are lifestyle-related, and include obesity, smoking and a diet high in red meat. Those with a family history of the disease may need to start screening before age 50. Most cases of colorectal cancer be- gin as benign clumps of cells, or pol- yps, which can become cancerous over time. In the early stages of the disease, polyps may be small and pro- duce few. if any. symptoms, which is why regular screening tests are so important. "A colonoscopy is an effective pre- ventive measure that patients at risk for colon cancer should consider," said Rebecca Cochran, RN, Director ofttealth Care Quality hnprovement Projects at the West Virginia Medical Institute. "Most polyps found dur- ing a colonoscopy can be completely removed during the procedure to help prevent colon cancer fi'om develop- ing." Curiosities By: Kristine Roberts Entitlement ttow do you provide tbr your children and show them love and support without making them feel entitled? It's a fine lille wc parents walk. This week we traded in my husband's monstrous gas guzzling truck for a smaller, more gas efficient vehicle. We did it without mentioning it to the kids and they were incensed because they don't like the srnaller vehicle. "You didn't even ask us!" my son lamented. "And after you guys die that vehicle will be ours and we don't even like it!" Something snapped in me then. Whoa. Back up the truck here. "Wait a minute." I replied. "Was your money involved in this?" "No." "Then why do you think that we need to get your input on what vehicle we purchase with our money? And I hate to tell you but it's not a given that our stuffwill be yours. We could donate it all to charity if we want. It's our money and belongings to do with as we want. ! don't know how to put this politely but I think you overestimate the value of your opinion in our decisions." That silenced him. Briefly. tte's a teenage, and with that comes the naivete' of childhood combined with a strong sense of righteous indignation when he is inconvenienced. Whereas nay husband was angry and didn't want to talk to him anymore, ! wanted to explain to him the real facts of life. Our money, our earnings, our decisions. You are a free-loader until you're 18 and then we may kindly decide to further help you with college. You are entitled to nothing but the basics and us teachi,g x ou the skills to make it on your own. Part of those skills is realizing that nobod 3 owes you anything. It's not something you can easily express without hurt feelings, but it's something that needs to be taught. We have far too many people in our society, who feel like someone else should be taking care of them. Remem- ber when people thought President Obama was going to pay their mort- gages? Remember those affected by Katrina who yelled at the TV news camera's "Who's going to take care of us noff?!?!" I'm always amazed when people think that anyone owes them anything. But clearly it's because so many have been taken care of their entire liv with food stamps and unemployment checks and government subsidies to give them free or reduced price cell phones, computers and internet ser- vice. Why wouldn't they think it was someone else's job to provide for them? It always has been. I got the following email from my uncle this week that sums up the problem quite.succinctly, it was titled "Definition of Irony" and it reads as follows: lqae tbod stamp program, part of the Department of Agriculture. is pleased to be distributing the greatest amount of food stamps ever. Mean hilc, the Park Service, also part of the Department of Agriculture, asks us to "please do not feed the animals" because the animals may grow dependent and not learn to take care of themselves. Ideas or opinions expressed in this column are not necessarily those of the newspaper To add your own comments and counter-viewpoints write tO: Curiosities. c/o Brooke County Review Newspaper, 319 Charles Stret, Wellsburg. WV 26070 or e-mail YOUR WISHES MADE SIMPLE. Make known the treatment you want at the end of life. Submit your advance directives to: S t V i r i n i a % 00!rectlve Registry FAX 304-293-7442 Call with questions: 877-209-8086, or visit me the opport in West Virginia. i:ii. : NATURAL GAS IS SHAPING OUR FUTURE. The natural gas industry in West Virginia is helping pave the way for a bright future for all of us. To learn more about how members of your community think the industry is shaping our future, visit WEST VIRGINIA