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February 3, 2012     The Brooke County Review
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February 3, 2012

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 BROOKE COUNTY REVIEW Lessons from a Gas Station Man Johnny Johnson's Purre 011 Station on the comer of Memorial and Eldon  in my hometown ofLynchburg (VA) was a typical old t930's style, two-bay service station. The distinctive bright blue tile roof was the same for most Pure Oil stations througho the South in "the day", and the rack of recycled motor oil in glass jars with zinc plated funnel-spout caps sat out front with a couple of new skinny whitewall tires. He was open for business from 6 a.m to 6 p.m. and seldom had paid help. There were two gas pumps and only two grades of gasoline in the "olden days" - mguler and high test with Ethyl. I always wondered who Ethyl was. Another feature was the outside bright red Coca Cola ice chest which held all kinds ofsoR drinks from RC Cola ",gutbusters" and Dr. Pepper to a Chocolate milk wmma be. "rha station was much more than a placeto getgasoline, oil and such. It was mecca for us teens with our brand new license to kill ourselves and possibly someone else with.high speed and inexperience. It was where we gathml before a hot date.with asweet young girl we hoped would at least allow us a'kiss on the lips. And it was a place to hang out while waiting to grow up and "be respon- sible", whatever that meant. For many of us, it was preparation for leaving home on our own; some a factory job, to college or enter the military. And, it was a lot more than all those things. It was where Johnny Johnson taught us a lot about life, economics and friendship. As with most kids, I was always short on cash but long on wants. Johnny ottan k't us use his equipment and tools to'fix our cars, knowing we didnl have the m to pay for service. Johnny scmctanm carefully extended credtt for gasohn to a few of us. It was there I kmrned how quickly one can get in over his head in debt. It was also wlwr ! learned about Johnny Johnson's character and his Rieackslup. When ! left forthe military service, i owed Johnny 30 or 40 dollars for gasoline and oil, an amount accumulated over the last year of high school. Before leaving, I acknowledged the debt and told Johnny I'd pay over tia. Now, my father was a stickler about indebtedness. He said being in debt was self-impos bondage. So, afraid that I had left without paying, he approached Johnny and asked about it. "Things are good between George and me," Johnny said. "It's not anyone else's concern." I did pay and when i returned home from time to time through the years, I always visited Johnny and spent some very good time reminiscing On ev visit, I saw a new crop of teen aged kids who looked just like me. Was I ever that silly? Was I that careless and irresponsible? Was ! that crazy about girls? Johnny would never say but I kind of suspected he very well knew the answer to Looking back, I see that Johnny was a man of exceptional character, npathy for the young, and integrity. I know he imimct a lot of young lives in a very positive way. I have txam blessed with a number (ffmen like Johnny in my life and I am more grateful for that every day of my life. And I realize that we may never know how we affect others who may be watching. Commen  lid iement mede by opinion columnists do not necessar/ly reflect tPr policies and poeBonl (11 the Brooke County Review. Those of opposing views are invited to send tllem as a bf D the  We resewe the right to edil, accept, or reject any and all letters. 31God Donations in Needs are Listed The American Red Cross is urging the public to donate blood now and in the upetuing w,s to help rebuild blood supplies. Lower than expected blood dor tmout since the beginning of the year has resulted in overall invatorias being extremely low, with blood types O negative and O positive at critical levels. The blood services region needs over 900 blood donors every day, but has seen far fewer than that this month. "Winter is historically a challenging time to meet collections goals," stated John Hagius, CEO oftheGreater AIleghenies Blood Services Region. '"Since I1 binning of Janunry, we have had a lower than expected'donor turnout at the nmjoy of our blood drives," Hagins added. "We need to have enough people donating blood every day to help ensure we have enough blood and blood products on hand to supply hospitals with the blood they need to treat their patients." Hagins stated that the region has only collected 58 percent of what they expected to this month, representing a shortfall of over 3,000 donations. Donors may now schedule appointments online at may also call 1-g00-RED CROSS. Follow us at: i Friday, February 3, 2012 m-d00ug Styl .. iB e. julie Yingst of Follansbee has earned the use of the exclusive Mary Kay pink Cadillac, an iconic symbol of success and the most coveted incentive awarded by Mary Kay cosmetics, for her outstanding business performance. ingst chose the CTS model Cadillac which comes In pearlized pink-a color unique to the Mary Kay Career Car Program. Mary Kay career car qualifiers also have the option of selecting cash compensation in lieu of the car. Yingst began her Mary Kay business as an Independent Beauty Consultant in 2006. She decided to retire from nursing after 28 years to become a full-time consultant, and, as a result of her accomplishments, became an Independent Sales Director in 2007. The pink Cadillac is the fourth Mary Kay career car that she has earned in the past six years. Photo by Kris ROberts Follansbee Police Report I/25/12 THEFT it was reported to Follansbee Police that a bicycle had been stolen in the Parkview section of the city. Police recovered the bike and returned it to the owner. Juvenile complaints will be filed. i/26/12 CITED - Debra Lynn Willis, 39, of RR3 Box 518A Wells- burg, WV. Failure to Maintain Control & No Proof of Insurance. 1/27/12 CITED - Christopher Arthur Pate, 3 I, of 401 Colonial Drive Steubenville, Ohio. Driving while Suspended for DUI, Poss of Marijuana, & Poss of AIprazolam .5 mg. 1/28/12 CITED - Erik Jordan Benton, 20, of 120 Meadow Road Wintersville, Ohio. Poss of Marijuana. 1/28/12 FIGHT- The Follansbee Police responded to a reported fight at the P3 bar on Allegheny Street. Upon arrival of officers all parties were seperated and no arrests were made. 1/28/12 ARRESTED - James Erik Thompson, 20, of 3526 Orchard Street Weirton. Domestic Violence Battery. 1/29/12 CITED - Robert Julian Higgins, 36, of 516 Rose Street Follansbee. Destruction of Property. Two parking citations were issued for parking on or blocking a ' sidewalk. Chief John W. Schwertfeger | Bertram for Commissioner from Page One As commissioner he peldges to have an open-door policy with straight talk bringing his skills in communica- tion, collaboration, and problems solving and by finding funding for various important programs. His concerns include"the continu- ation of current services to residents of Brooke County with our reduced revenue, proper monitoring and man- agement of (gas) drilling operations in Brooke County, and innovative communication and collaboration with new and existing businesses and government agencies on various lev- els. " He was married to Karen (,Sue) Gadd for 28 years, and has two daughters, Wendi Mitchell and Nicole Serafine; and five grandchildren. i -- We've St00d i eye Stood '/the I Hancock county [ 4EST.I 00ilN Savings Bank.,,. Free Counseling Available To Area Veterans Mike Craig, veterans Claims Man- ager of the Wheeling Field Office Of The WV Department of Veteran As- sistance, provides counseling and as- sistance to area Veterans in filing for State and US Department of Veterans Affairs benefits to which they may be entitled. Craig also provides itinerant service to the following areas: Weirton Job Service Office, Second Tuesday 9:30 am - 12 noon Follansbee Senior Center, Second Tuesday 1:00 pm -! :45 pm ***Wellsburg Elks*** Second Tuesday 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm N Cumberland VFW #325, Second Thursday I 1:00 am - 12 noon ChesterAmerican Legion #121 Sec- ond Thursday ! :00 pm- 3:00 pm ***Mr. Craig will be at the Wells- burg Elks for all itinerant services it. place of the Wellsburg American Le- gion. The Elks address is: 834 Charles Street, Wellsburg WV and the phone number is: 304-737-9806. Craig urges veterans, dependents and survivors needing assistance to avail themselves to this free service provided by the State of West Virginia. For further information, please con- tact Craig's office located at 51 Elev- enth Street, Room 300, Wheeling WV 26003 or by calling 304-238-1085. Chnutmr Weirton New Cumberland 304 .7.1620  723-4140  564.3368 225-1620 )FDIC II. $, Free Online Banking and Bill-Pay at www.hcsbank.corn QUALITY PRINTING Four Color Or Black & White Done to your Specifications On time, & Reasonably priced! Give us a call... Brooke Publishing 319 Charles Street Wellsburg, WV 26070 304-737-0946 FAX 304-737-0297 PAGE 3 I Curiosities By: Kristine Roberts This being Super Bowl weekend and all, it seems my brother Kevin decided to tap into his literary side. He asked if he could be a "gwst colmnnist" wee] unEsare his point of view with you all. This is a true honor since Kevin doesn't even like to write his name. let alone page of text for a story, l figure if ! let my dog write a guest column once, ! should probably let my brother try it. Let me know what yo tMnk, Football, the Super Bewi mtd Ibm It all began on November 17, 1968 at approximately 7 p.m. The NY Jets were beating their much hated arch rivals the Oakland Raiders 32-29. Due to a lot of penalties and injuries, the game was was running longer than its allotted time slot on TV. in those days, we only had four channels to pick from and a movie was a big deal as they were only shown once a year and nobody had VCILs or DVD players. That night, the feature movie Heidi was supposed to begin at 7 p.m. So with one minute left to go in the big game and with NBC's switchboard light- ing up with little girls and old ladies and probably Elton John wanting to know why Heidi wasn't on, NBC decided to switch over to the movie as planned. While all the Jets fans and the entire East coast of the ounUy saw Heidi yodeling down a mountain, the rest of the counuy saw Oakland score two touchdowns in that last minute of play time to win the game 43-32. Now the switchboards at NBC really lit up as irate foatbail fans called to complain about missing the end of the game. In fact, the 'itch- boards actually blew out and the situation was a huge omroversy for weeks to come. That was the beginning of the end. The seed for greed was planted. The network's, team owner, and players realized there w big money to be made here. And after a couple of decades of that seed growing, we now have the bull crap and outrageous expense that football fans have to put up with today. It is now pretty much guarmtteed that every Sunday's football games will go past 7 p.m..Not bemuse, of penalties or injuries like in the famous "Heidi Bowl", but becau they can and do put more commercials in during the broadcast, lftbe game is at all close, they know you'll be there until the last minute ofcemnum:ials before it ends. Forget the cost of going to a game if you're an average Joe. Every time these guys go on strike or new contracts come up, neither side can "afford" to give up anything. Heck, tlley can hardly make it as it is! The 60s and 70s had true teams. Everyone played for a team as a teammate. Half the guys in the 60s had a second job to millmnent their income during the off season. Today, everyone belongs to a tmun also, but it's the same team--the money team. From the  who owns a parking lot close to the stadium and charg $30 or $40 Ixks to park your car to the owners and players who only play fore temn if the price is right. And who do you think pays the big bucks to all these money grabbers? You do. That's why I went on a one-man strike against big-money football this year. 1 refused to watch or spend a dime of my money on anything to do with the NFL, AFC or NCAA (college ball money grabbing is.a whole other sad story). I've complained for years but never did anything about it until now. I realized that the only way to stop this trend is for the fans to go on strike. What do you think would happen if for one weekend nobody went to a gameand nobody bought any professional team merchandise? I'm the beginning and I know my little one-man slike lm3bably doesn't affect the industry or anyone in it, but it still makes me feel like I'm doing something important by taking a stand. At least ! know, my family knows (although they'll probably still watch the Super Bowl) and you few who read this column will know, and maybe, just maybe, my story will touch one person and then another until someday we do make a difference and stop throwing away money on these so called "teams" who care more for their bottom lines than whether or not they make it to the goal line. I admit it was tough not watching the Pittsburgh-Denver playoffgame a few weeks back. I have been a huge Steelers fan for decades. Prior to my one-man strike, I never missed a game--even ifl had to listen to it on the radio. I own thousands of dollars in Steelers merchandise after 35 years of buying stuff. I've gone to many games and even two Super BowJs (two of the greatest experiences of my life). Face value of the tickets for those games--Super Bowls ! 9 & 20,were $60 and $75. Check and see the cost of tickets this year if you don think things have gotten out of hand. For me, not watching the Super Bowl this year, even though its only the Patriots and Giants playing, is like Rosie O'Doanell giving up Twinkles. It's cruel and unusual self punishment. But this year, on Feb- ruary 5 at approximately 7 p.m., for the first time in 35 years I will be watching Heidi. I'm still not sure wbether it'll be the 196g classic movie or Heidi Klum, who I hear may be available now, but i will be watching Heidi. If you choose to enjoy the game, the $3-$4 million dollar commercials and that used-up has-been Madonna at half-time, think of me yodeling with Heidi and believing I'm doing the right thing. Kevin Gribben, Amateur Writer and Professional Complainer Ideas or opinions expressed in this column are not neoesmrily those of the newspaper. To add your own comments end counter-viewpoints write to: Curiosities, c/o Brooke County Review Newspaper, 319 Charles Street, Wellsburg, WV 26070 or e-mail Send Us Your News and Opinionsl The Brooke County Review7 PC) Box 591, Wellsburg, WV 26070 Panhandle CLEANING & RESTORATION FIRE - SMOKE . WIND - MOLD - SEWAGE - WATER :':.:'."::.:"':.''.::;i ':..?"::.:?'':" '" ':'." :.::?:;:/::'.'X::;;:.";:::::'.:::':::.::'.:" ";'" ".', ' , ::::: ?:..-.: , r,,::.::],,,y :;:::; ::.:-.:.:::,..;.:.., .,:. : 304-232-2321 " 800-504-7054 Max. 250 sq. ft. per area. Robert C. Contraguerro, St., Prwldent WV LIC #014743